LemonBody Events – Open to everyone!

Dartmoor Dash 3, 4 and 5 November

Get away from the smoke and learn to map read with an awesome weekend on Dartmoor. We’ll wild camp (you’re looking at one overnight stop in the photo above – it really is that beautiful!) and we’ll cover 40kms over two days, so you’ll deserve a drink in the best pub in the Southwest – The Warren House Inn. Best of all, it’s Free (the weekend, not the pub..)!

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Beat The Hill Challenge 09:30 Sunday 29th October – Box Hill.

Everyone should do this at least once! It’s a trail run but with a big hill (twice) and a really tough scramble up the steepest part of the hill. Anyone can do this, but you’ll need some grippy trainers, your sports kit and some light gloves! It’s Free!

You’ve got 45 minutes! Can you Beat The Hill?

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Running Club – 1000m Team Relays, Richmond Park 09:30 Sunday 12th November.

Whether you’re good at running or not, you’re very welcome to join us for a satisfying series of short bursts of running to improve your CV Fitness as you race against yourself to get a personal best. Open to everyone and it’s Free!

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Military Assault Course near Dorking, Surrey.

Voted the Best Assault Course in the UK! How about we enter a LemonBody Team into this event sometime in November? Looks like a lot of fun (and a lot of mud!) and I know a great Pub nearby! Check out their website and let me know your thoughts.

Interested? EMAIL ME! Felix@LemonBody.com.