6 tips to make Christmas just a teeny bit healthier!

6 Top Tips to help you get through Christmas with your Health and Waistline intact!

6 Tips from the LemonBody Health Team!

It’s that time of year when almost everyone let’s themselves go and enjoys themselves after another hard year of toil – and rightly so! Christmas is a magical time to relax and catch up with friends and family and to eat, drink and be merry and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

However… The average Brit will eat 6000 Calories on Christmas day, many of them before they even sit down for lunch! And we’ll consume over 200 grams of fat – that nearly half a pound! Over the Christmas period, we’ll gain half a stone on average! Ooer!

So we’ve put together some simple advice to make sure you have an awesome time without overdoing it!

Tip 1. Keep coming to BootCamp! We’ll be training as often as possible during the holidays and we’ll have Running Club and Hiking Club stuff going on as well – so make sure you turn up and work off some of those calories!

Tip 2. Eat a Big Breakfast! Starting the day with a healthy and filling breakfast is a great way to prevent dipping into the Quality Street before lunch. Did you know, the average Brit will consume over 2000 calories before lunch? So start off with a great, healthy breakfast to keep the hunger pangs at bay. Think of scrambled eggs on toast with coffee and an apple, or a big bowl of porridge topped with fruit and a little honey. Drink a large glass of water too!

Tip 3. Eat before you go and party! Even if you plan to eat when you get there, healthy choices are likely to be limited, so eat something healthy before you go and enjoy a treat or two when you get there. I like something with protein and wholemeal carbs such as Tuna with (light) mayo on Crispbread and salad.

Tip 4. Take your own drinks to a party and stick with it. I’m not a big drinker and tend to have a couple of glasses of wine and then the rest in soft drinks. When I go to a party, I’ll take a bottle for the hosts and also take some Diet Coke or Slimline Tonic with me so I don’t end up drinking lots of sugary drinks all night – or the homemade killer Christmas punch! 

Tip 5. Potatoes, Potatoes! Christmas lunch can actually be a really healthy plate of goodness and can contain far fewer calories than you might think – but not if you add lots of roast potatoes! If you’re cooking, consider brushing your roast potatoes with olive oil rather than basting them in goose fat. If someone else is cooking, fill your plate with lots of lean turkey meat and as much veg as you want – and you’ll still have less than 500 calories in front of you! But top up with half a dozen spuds and you’ll easily add another 500 or more calories  – so keep the spuds down to one or two for a super healthy and filling Christmas lunch.

Tip 6. Enjoy yourself, indulge, relax and treat yourself  -in moderation! Remember how you feel the following day – bloated, sluggish, headache etc. So keep an eye on portion control and remember that, just as it’s ok to say ‘yes,’ it’s also ok to say ‘no.’  Eat, drink and be merry, eat well, drink sensibly and remember the important things in life: Friends, Family, Love, and your Health! Merry Christmas!


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