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Felix Deer, Founder LemonBody Corporate Training

Recruitment Fitness Testing made simple

Health and Fitness should be for everyone, but for some roles, it’s vital. We take care of every aspect of your Health and Fitness Testing to ensure you recruit the right people. Book your Free Consultation here.

Healthy Workforce Programmes

Investing in your Workforce benefits everyone. Our Health and Wellness Programmes are tailored to meet the needs of your organization, setting you aside from the others, helping you lead the way to a healthier, more productive Workforce. Book your Free Consultation here.

Practical Nutrition

Simple things make all the difference. Nutrition shouldn’t be complicated. Eat well, work better. Book your Free Consultation here.

Injury Prevention and Back Care Initiative

Prevention is better than cure. It’s cheaper too. Training is the key. We’ve developed our Instinctive Personal Protection Programme so your staff stay safe and injury free. That means less absenteeism and a more productive and happier Workforce. Book your Free Consultation here.

Leadership and Teamship Training

Leadership doesn’t come from a book. It doesn’t develop in the classroom. Leadership is about interacting with people. Our Leadership Programmes use unique and innovative training methods so your Teams are effectively led and work as one together. Book your Free Consultation here.