What is 1000 Calorie BootCamp? Can I really burn that many Calories?

60 – 90 minutes of All Over Body Workouts with Captain Felix Deer and his Team to get you in your best shape ever – with plenty of fun and games so you work harder and get better results – without getting bored! And yes, you really can burn that much! That’s why we call it 1000 Calorie BootCamp!

Do all the Workouts last 90 minutes?

Weekend Workouts last 90 minutes and weekday Workouts last 60 minutes. Our weekday Workouts cram a huge number of high energy exercises into 60 action packed minutes to allow you to get home earlier and get on with your day. Expect to work as hard as ever!

Where is BootCamp and at what time?

There are indoor and outdoor sessions in covering the Kingston, Surbiton, New Malden Area and Twickenham, Richmond, Teddington Area. See Where and When to find out which one is best for you!

Can I park? Are there lavatories?

All current venues have free parking and lavatories!

What do I need to bring?

Just yourself, (plus a friend or two if you wish), your sports kit and trainers, and a bottle of water!

Are the Workouts outdoors? What if the weather’s bad?

Workouts are outside in Summer and most go inside during the Winter. Outdoor Winter Workouts are still very popular – people just wear warmer clothing! No matter what the weather – we’ll be there!

Does BootCamp run all year round?

For sure! There are more indoor Workouts in the Winter and more outdoor ones in the Summer.

When will I start to see results?

The more times you train, the quicker you’ll see results, but most people notice a difference after just 2 weeks.

Is it flexible? Can I come when I want? Can I go to any location?

Absolutely! You can train whenever and wherever you wish – just turn up! We also run lots of other fun activities and most of them are Free! See our Events Page for more details. What are you waiting for?

Is there a Guarantee?

Yes. If you are not 100% satisfied, we’ll refund your money. Simple!