Hooray! At last – we’re outdoors again!

If you can’t make it to an outdoor BootCamp, then you’ll also find some Home Workouts below which you can do without leaving the house.

You don’t need any kit for the majority of them.

Stay safe, look after each other, and see you at a BootCamp soon!

Home Work Outs


A quick guide to help you workout at home  

Initial Work Out

Duration 6 minutes in your garden or indoors


Duration 3 minutes in your garden or indoors

Secondary, Muscular warm up

Duration 12 minutes  

Leg Mash

Duration 27 minutes in your garden or indoors

Upper Body and Abs Mash

Duration 29 minutes 

High Intensity Cardio CIrcuit

Duration 14 minutes

Total Abs and Core Workout

Duration 23 minutes 

Legs, Buns and Tummy Time Workout

Duration 35 minutes

Upper Body and Abs Pyramid Challenge

Duration 20-25 minutes  

High Intensity Metabolic Surge

Duration 17 minutes  

Extreme Fat Burning Sequence

Duration 30-35 minutes  

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