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*  “I’ve put it to the test: 1001cals burned last Tuesday. Fittest and lowest bodyfat ever at 46yrs young!”

Neville, Wellness Coach, Teddington

*  “It’s without doubt the best exercise I’ve ever done. I’m completely addicted- I’ve even completed one of the outdoor 10k’s which was so much fun. If you told me 6 months ago that I’d manage that I would not have believed you! ”

Laura, Twickenham

*  “My fiance and I go together and we love it!”

Katy, Surbiton

*  “I feel like I have finally discovered exercise I enjoy, makes me fit and I can do on a regular basis. Always hated the gym and never good at team sports but I get motivated (in a good way – not shouted at!) at boot camp, meet supportive people and am not just doing cardio but but working on muscles I never knew existed. It’s flexible on location and times so fits my lifestyle. ”

Ros, Surbiton

*  “The LemonBody Bootcamp is a fantastic all over workout which is lots of fun. It’s a fast and effective way to get into shape and then stay in shape! It comes highly recommended. It’s much more fun than working out at a gym!”

Hilary Insall, Sports and remedial massage therapist, Kingston

*  “I love my training at Boot camp so much! This is my fourth week and I have already lost 2 kilos and my body is coming out in a great shape. I have tried almost everything – running, gym, fitness DVD’s but got bored and gave up and was never able to keep up. This is different! The classes are fun, interactive, encouraging and never boring. The best thing is that the classes are different each time adding the element of surprise and excitement. Dave and Shaun are great trainers. I must say Felix is the best 🙂 I go with my husband who is equally enjoying the classes. Being a student Osteopath, I wanted to be at the peak of fitness and health to be a good example to my patients and with boot camp I am heading towards my goal with the speed of lightning!! Give it a go and you will come back for more. ”

Kavita, Twickenham

*  “Gyms have never appealed to me and I find it hard to motivate myself to go out for a run. I always feel like going to Bootcamp. It is really great fun and I have never felt better physically. I have met some great people and definitely have much more energy since joining up. Also good to see people of all ages and abilities at every session.”

Lucy,  Esher

*  “LemonBody’s 1000 Calorie boot camp is a brilliant way to kick-start a fitness regime. The workouts are fun and varied – the group does different games combining aerobic exercise, weights interval training and plyometrics too.
The instructors are extremely professional and well trained, and always make sure that there is a comprehensive warm up at the start and a full stretch at the end.”

Hilary Insall, Kingston

*  “It’s the best workout I’ve ever had, and great fun. ”

Stefan, Epsom

*  “BootCamp is certainly upping the stakes in terms of personal fitness. The sessions at Alexandra Park remain fun but are more intense and after 90 minutes you really feel the benefit – well I do. Thanks in no small part to the ‘new’ guys Sean and Mark. Both excellent instructors and good guys too. If you haven’t been what are you waiting for?”

Richard Bamber, Surbiton

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