Our Workouts

Different Workouts, Different Trainers

Our BootCamp Workouts all include Fat Loss, Muscle Toning, and Cardiovascular Fitness Training – so you get a great all body Workout every time!

We work hard to make every Workout unique and lots of fun – so you never get bored! 

There’s no need to book, just turn up and Workout – Free Trial for everyone!



100’s & 1000’s

BIG numbers mean BIG results and in these workouts you will be lifting 1000’s of kgs, climbing 100’s of feet and completing 1000’s of reps – all designed to burn fat, tone muscle and to give you a great Workout!



Had a bad day? Beat the stress away with our ever popular Boxing Workouts. Plenty of drills and high energy glove and pad work to help you unwind and get fit! It doesn’t matter if you have never boxed before – get the gloves on and get stuck in! (All equipment provided).


Beat the Clock

It’s really strange, but whenever our Instructors put a time limit on an exercise, you guys always just about manage to Beat The Clock! In this Workout you’ll be given lots of exciting things to do against the Clock – and you know what? – You’ll work harder than ever to Beat The Clock!


Body Burn

Toned muscle looks great, keeps you strong and keeps your metabolism high. Our Body Burn Workouts push your muscles hard – really hard, so they tone and firm your physique – fast! You’ll love the way your body changes – and you‘ll tone muscles you never even knew you had!


Team Games

Games are a great way to get super fit while having fun – and when you’re having fun, you workout much harder! Forget those awful School PE sessions, this is totally different!



X-Fit Workouts are a great way to get fit and lose those excess pounds as you tone up. You’ll use combinations of weights, bodyweight exercises and high energy cardio work with lots of functional moves and exciting supersets to burn fat and tone, tone, tone!


High Intensity Interval (HIIT)

HIIT Workouts are incredible at burning body fat without losing those toned muscles. Expect to work at very high intensity for a few seconds, then catch your breath. Repeat lots! It’s tough, but you’ll get a great fat burning Workout and rev your metabolism to new heights!


Battle of the Trainers

Our Trainers love a challenge, so we put two of them together in a special Workout that guarantees lots of fun, competition and hard work as they lead their teams to success! Come along, pick your Trainer and work with them to beat the others!


Battle PT

It’s NEW and it’s tough! Very tough! But you’ll work as hard as want to in this awesome new Workout based on Military Exercises and Training to test your stamina and push your muscle to the limit! You simply MUST try this!