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We all know exercise has lots of benefits – but did you know…?

1. Exercise reduces stress.

Rough day at the office? Head to BootCamp for instant stress relief. Exercise releases chemicals that help moderate stress and also gives you time out to switch off from your busy life.

2. Exercise boosts happy chemicals.

Exercise releases endorphins, which create feelings of happiness and euphoria. A recent study found that exercise is more effective at lifting mood than antidepressants for people experiencing moderate depression. It’s why Doctors recommend exercise!

3. Exercise improves self confidence.

Regular Workouts can help you look and feel better about yourself. Studies show that exercise plays a huge part in boosting self confidence and self esteem. So if you want to feel better about yourself, come along to BootCamp and get stuck in!

4. People love being outdoors.

Getting closer to nature is good for the soul and exercising outdoors is almost always better than being stuck indoors. Just think how happy your dog is when it gets to the park!

5. Exercise can prevent cognitive decline.

It’s sad but true. Getting older doesn’t always mean getting wiser. Brain function inevitable begins to declines with age but regular exercise can help to keep the grey matter firing and alert. Working out requires concentration, coordination, motor skills and agility. Combined with increased blood flow and a flood of endorphins, these help create new neural connections and strengthen existing neural pathways. In other words, you’re more on the ball if you exercise regularly!

6. Exercise can alleviate anxiety.

Which is better at relieving anxiety – glass of wine and an evening on the sofa or a moderate Workout? The warm and fuzzy chemicals that are released during and after exercise can help people with anxiety disorders calm down and feel more relaxed.

7. Exercise reduces fat in your bloodstream.

If you exercise regularly, the amount of fat floating through your arteries drops by two thirds. Which is good news since that fat can fur up those arteries and cause coronary heart disease and other problems. So Workout regularly and keep those important coronary arteries clear!

8. Exercise can help treat type 2 diabetes.

We’ve actually done this for some of our clients over the years – and it’s a life changer for people. Type 2 diabetes is actually very serious and almost entirely caused by lifestyle. By exercising regularly and eating the right sorts of foods, type 2 diabetes can be improved or even reversed in the majority of cases.

9. You’ll never be on your own!

Exercising in a group is great for making new friends and meeting new people. At BootCamp, we’ve brought hundreds of people together and had a marriage or two! We can’t guarantee that you’ll find the love of your life, but you’ll certainly find lots of new friends and fun people at our Workouts. So if you haven’t been along for your Free Trial with us yet, what are you waiting for? It could be the start of something beautiful!

See you at a Workout soon!

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Captain Felix Deer joined the Army in 1985 and served in a number of Training Officer roles, qualifying as a Unit Fitness Officer in 1986. Since leaving the Army in 1994, Felix has sold property, built houses and flown airliners for a living, but has always maintained his keen interest in Fitness.

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