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At LemonBody we LOVE Hill Sprints! Here’s why YOU should give them a go! 

Hill Sprints – The King of Workouts!

If ever there was a Workout designed to do just about everything, it’s Hill Sprints!

For most of us, a good Workout is one that Burns Fat, Tones Muscle and leaves us feeling great.. Hill Sprints target almost every muscle in the body and rev up your metabolism to Burn Fat – and get you super fit too. 

What are Hill Sprints?

I’ll be honest, I don’t really like running – at least not the soul destroying, plod around the block that you see some people doing as you make your way to work in the morning. But Hill Sprints are different. They’re tough and you work close or at your maximum effort but only for about 20 seconds or so before you take a well earned breather. Then you repeat as many times as you wish, adding variety to keep things interesting. And all you need is a hill!

What’s does a typical Hill Sprint Session involve?

First we start with a nice, easy warm up. Warm muscles work better and are less prone to injury so a gentle jog for ten minutes or so is ideal. Next we’ll run up an incline for 10 – 20 seconds and jog slowly back down again (we call this a shuttle) – taking it easy to begin with and progressively getting faster with each uphill run until we are going flat out but still keeping to just 10 – 20 seconds. We rest at the end of each shuttle for 20 – 30 seconds before going again. Then we’ll begin adding in some variety, such as longer sprints, relays with a partner or jogging backwards uphill (try it and you’ll see why we do it!). Finally, it’s a gentle jog to cool down followed by some stretching and we’re done!

Why are Hill Sprints such good exercise?

Working close to your maximum effort for short bursts is incredibly good for developing the capacity of your heart and lungs (your cardiovascular system) and your general fitness. In fact, it’s probably the best way to get fitter for most people. It’s also amazing at building power and strength in your legs and lower body, including your core. That means your legs, butt and core get toned really quickly if you do Hill Sprints regularly. Hill Sprints also burn loads of Calories in a short period of time, so they’re perfect if you want to drop a few pounds!

What does LemonBody do to make them more effective?

We add in some exercises specifically designed to generate (even more!) Lactic Acid in your Leg and Butt Muscles. Lactic acid is a sure sign your Muscles are getting stronger and more Toned. Lactic acid also promotes Growth Hormone production in the body, which helps to strengthen and Tone muscle – but also to BURN FAT! Which is nice, isn’t it? Seriously, if you want to really make a difference, get yourself to a Hill Sprints asap – check out the EVENTS Page to find the next one!

Can anyone do them? 

Yes, they’re great for pretty much everyone! If you’re new to exercise you might want to start by walking briskly uphill rather than trying to sprint until you get a bit fitter. Other than that, they’re ideal for almost everyone – and the best thing is that they’re actually a lot of fun. They’re hard work, but unlike plodding around the block, they’re not boring! So come along to our next Hill Sprints Session and see for yourself. Most are completely Free and open to everyone, including non-Members!

Ok, I’m interested!

Then take a look at our EVENTS Page to find out when the next Hill Sprints Session is taking place!

To see a recent (very tame!) Hill Sprints Video, click here! 




Captain Felix Deer joined the Army in 1985 and served in a number of Training Officer roles, qualifying as a Unit Fitness Officer in 1986. Since leaving the Army in 1994, Felix has sold property, built houses and flown airliners for a living, but has always maintained his keen interest in Fitness.

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