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Breakfast is important so give yourself a boost with one of these tasty breakfast ideas:

Get up, get showered, get breakfast, get on with your day. Without a good breakfast you’re making things much harder for your body – but if you start your day with great nutrition, you’ll be fit and energised to take on the World! 

Here are 5 LemonBody Breakfast Favourites!

Poached or Boiled Eggs and Avocado on Toast.

Pair eggs with a combination of wholemeal and grains in sliced toast, and nutrition packed avocado. Mash or slice up some avocado to sit underneath the poached eggs and you’ll be getting plenty of fibre, potassium and heart-healthy fats, in addition to all the nutrients you’ll get from wholemeal or wholegrain bread and eggs. In fact, avocado is so good for you it’s one of those foods that can even help lower. Personally, I keep my egg yolks down to one a day to keep my Cholesterol Levels in check, but I eat as much egg white as I like!

Spinach, Ham and Cheese omelette.

If the thought of getting greens in at breakfast is a little hard to swallow, you’ll barely notice it mixed into this nutrient packed omelette. Spinach is good for you on many levels; it provides a hit of magnesium, zinc, vitamin A and vitamin C, to name a few. Then of course there’s the protein and Omega 3 kick you get from eggs. Personally, I keep my egg yolks down to one a day to keep my Cholesterol Levels in check, but I eat as much egg white as I like!

On top of that you’ll get an additional protein boost from the cheese and ham; just make sure you go for lower fat options to keep the calorie and fat count down.

Berry Smoothie Bowl.

Blend an array of berries for an amazing antioxidant hit first thing in the morning. Use a half cup of berries, a third cup of low fat plain yoghurt, a quarter cup of water and a teaspoon of honey. Use raspberries, blueberries or strawberries in the blender (or anything else you like!) and top with sliced banana for a potassium boost, or go for a high fibre, low carb approach by topping with pumpkin or flax seeds instead. Or more fruit on top!

Perfect Porridge.

Most traditional breakfast cereals are loaded with sugar and empty calories so cook yourself a far healthier bowl of porridge instead. Oats are packed with goodness, including a slow release of complex carbohydrates – essential for keeping your energy levels up throughout the morning. Mix in some whey powder to raise the protein level, add some sliced strawberries for a little sweetness and sprinkle on some hazelnuts, walnuts or almonds to take in some cholesterol lowering good fats.

Greek Yoghurt.

This yoghurt is packed with a host of nutritional benefits. One, it is high in protein and two, it’s very high in calcium. So, what should you be adding to it? Some toasted oats or granola will provide you with increased energy, or pumpkin and sunflower seeds are packed with zinc, magnesium and antioxidants – the perfect combos. I like to slice in a banana too, particularly if I’m off to the gym later that morning.

Now You Know!

Now you’ve got five healthy breakfast ideas you can make some changes. There’s one for each weekday so you can mix things up, or just pick out a couple of favourites and rotate them. Whatever you do just make sure you ditch the fat-laden bacon and eggs, the sugary spike you’ll get from sweet cereals and the emptiness of plain butter on toast. Start the day with a healthy breakfast and you can look forward to huge benefits that include more energy, a fuller feeling for longer, lower cholesterol and a boost in a variety of essential vitamins and minerals. Thank goodness for LemonBody!

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Captain Felix Deer joined the Army in 1985 and served in a number of Training Officer roles, qualifying as a Unit Fitness Officer in 1986. Since leaving the Army in 1994, Felix has sold property, built houses and flown airliners for a living, but has always maintained his keen interest in Fitness.

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