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The Secret to Fat-Loss . . .



So first of all let me start by saying that this isn’t really a “secret” but it is probably the most over looked part of success when it comes to losing fat/weight or achieving your health and fitness goals, and that is. . . consistency.


It sounds simple and obvious but if there’s no consistency there’s also likely to be no results. Your body is a reflection of what you do consistently over days, weeks, months and years. If you workout consistently you will get fitter and stronger, not immediately but over the course of time. If you control your calories consistently over weeks and months you will lose weight, more importantly you will lose body fat.


The trouble is that we aren’t good at being consistent. How familiar does this scenario sound:


You want to lose weight for your holiday in 6 weeks. You decide to go low carb (I wouldn’t recommend but I know a lot of people choose this option). You stick to it religiously for the first week and its great. You lose weight (this is mostly water weight in the first few days) and you feel like your losing body fat. But come the second week its getting hard to stick to, your energy is low, your hungry a lot of the time and you can’t stop thinking/dreaming about some delicious carbs. Not only that but your progress has slowed down, the scales aren’t going down as quickly any more and you’re getting frustrated. This seems like a lot of effort and you only have 4 weeks left until holiday now. Let’s give up/try something else.


This was me many times and I wondered why I couldn’t see results. The truth is that there is no magic way to lose weight/body-fat. You need to be in a calorie deficit (spending more energy than you’re taking in) and you need to do it consistently for weeks. The best diet is the one you can maintain/stick to over those weeks.


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Remember don’t get frustrated if you think results are slow. The best and healthiest way to drop weight is at a speed of about 2lbs per week. The next time you decide to try and lose some weight, make sure you choose something maintainable and give yourself 6-12 weeks to stick to it. I promise, results will come.


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Captain Felix Deer joined the Army in 1985 and served in a number of Training Officer roles, qualifying as a Unit Fitness Officer in 1986. Since leaving the Army in 1994, Felix has sold property, built houses and flown airliners for a living, but has always maintained his keen interest in Fitness.

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