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Want to lose a few pounds? Do this!

Losing weight is really simple. But it’s not necessarily easy. If you want to lose a few pounds, you should follow the advice in this article – because it works and it’s pretty easy to follow too.

Why do we store Body Fat?

Because our bodies are programmed to keep excess calories rather than waste them. Think about it – for most of human existence getting hold of calories was tough because food was scarce. There were no fridges and no supermarkets. So eating excess food and storing those excess calories in fat cells was the most efficient way to survive.

That mechanism is so efficient that in today’s world it’s causing some huge health problems. Today, calories are ubiquitous and cheap. Only one adult in three is at their correct weight. The other two are either overweight or obese.

How to Lose existing Body Fat and Stop Calories getting stored as Body Fat in the future.

Eat fewer Calories

Burn more Calories

Both the above!

Both The Above! Is the best option – but as ever, even though it sounds simple, things are not so easy because you need a simple set of rules. Apply the rules and it all works – guaranteed!

The Easy Way to do it

If you follow these steps, you’re guaranteed to lose Body Fat. But you have to make a commitment to do this diligently for 4 weeks. If you do that, you’ll lose about 8 pounds – slightly over half a stone.

No.1 Get Active – a LOT MORE active!

No.2 Lift Heavy Things – This is VITAL!


Let’s Look at Each Point in Turn

– Get Active – a LOT MORE active!

Most of us have sedentary jobs these days, and we burn very few Calories in the office. You have to move around a lot more. I mean A LOT MORE! That means taking EVERY opportunity to avoid ANY labour saving device like cars, lifts, escalators, buses etc. whenever possible. If you can walk instead, do it. If you can climb stairs, do it! It’s a really great habit to get into so start now. You need to be active EVERY DAY, as many times a day as possible. Take a walk at lunchtime too – you’ll work better and feel better! And make sure you get to BootCamp as often as possible.

– Lift Heavy Things – This is VITAL!


If you don’t lift heavy things, your body will KEEP your BODY FAT and LOSE your MUSCLE! The EXACT OPPOSITE of what you want! I’ll write another article about this in a later BLOG but believe me, you will lose your Muscles if you don’t use them and ESPECIALLY SO if you are eating fewer Calories to lose weight. Come to BootCamp and grab the heaviest Power Bags you can handle! Don’t be afraid of getting masculine ladies, most men struggle to do so!


Ok, this is the big part of the deal. If you get this wrong, keeping active and lifting things won’t make much difference. Eating the correct way is key. But counting calories and tracking food intake is tedious and time consuming. So use the EASY SIDE PLATE METHOD:


Eat little and often. Don’t famine and feast or you’ll store Body Fat. You also eat badly and eat too much when you’re really hungry. Eat no more than you can fit on a side plate and have five or six small meals each day.


Avoid Processed Food. It’s full of hidden Calories and chemicals. Eventually it will kill you. Enough said.


Eat Protein and Vegetables or Fruit with EVERY Meal – and NOTHING ELSE. Lean Protein, such as meat, fish, Quorn and Vegetable Protein is vital for your wellbeing and health and contains very little fat and few calories. Eat Vegetables and Fruit with every Meal, don’t cover them in sauce and NEVER deep fry anything! Simply prepared Vegetables and Raw Fruit are very low in Calories and filled with vitamins, minerals and fibre. It’s almost IMPOSSIBLE TO FIT MORE THAN 250 Calories of Protein and Vegetables onto a side plate and if you’re eating five or six plates in a day, you’ll only be consuming about 1500 Calories – so you’re guaranteed to lose Weight. Lift heavy things at BootCamp and it’ll be Body Fat you lose, not Muscle! Don’t eat anything else, just protein and Veg/Fruit – that still gives you plenty of variety!


Drink Water. Coffee, Tea and Soft Drinks are great but limit yourself to 2 cups a day. Water is by far the best drink if you want to lose weight and feel better. Don’t worry about meeting a target, just drink whenever you’re thirsty and make sure that at least once per day, your pee is clear, not dark – that way you’ll know you’re not dehydrated.


Don’t Drink Alcohol. A tricky one this but if you were trying to get fat,alcohol is the way to do it! It has lots of calories and almost all of them turn into fat very easily indeed. A great many of us drink too much anyway. Limit yourself to a couple of drinks at the weekend and be strict about that – it’s not that difficult!


Kill your Sweet Cravings. I’m going to nail this here and now by telling you that human beings are designed to crave sweet things, so it’s quite normal. What’s not normal is to be surrounded by sweet things all the time – welcome to the modern World – and chronic obesity. If you crave sweet things, you need a tool kit to stop you diving into the biscuit tin. Here are some tips and tricks you might find useful if you get the craving:

  • Chew Sugar Free Gum
  • Drink a small Espresso
  • Clean your teeth – it works!
  • Drink a large glass of water
  • Have some fruit
  • Have a Weightwatchers Yoghurt (just 50 Calories and tastes great!)
  • Go for a 10 minute walk

After a while, you’re cravings fade and it becomes a lot easier. You just have to stick to it for a week or so, then it’s easy.


Want some more guidance with food? Take a look at my list of Red, Orange and Green Foods – eat Green stuff and avoid Orange and Red! Click Here for More!




Captain Felix Deer joined the Army in 1985 and served in a number of Training Officer roles, qualifying as a Unit Fitness Officer in 1986. Since leaving the Army in 1994, Felix has sold property, built houses and flown airliners for a living, but has always maintained his keen interest in Fitness.

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