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If you want a toned butt, you only need to do two things – but you have to do them right! Professor Gluteus Maximus tells you all you need to know…

I suppose that we’d all like toned buns if we could have them – but getting them is another thing! Actually, it’s really quite simple. You must do two things:

1. Tone the muscles of your butt and thighs to get that firm, toned look.

2. Burn off any excess body fat that is making your butt look “squidgy.” The best way is to keep active and eat really healthily – just vegetables, lean protein, olive oil, fruit and lots of water. Nothing processed please!

Let’s start with the toning bit. Firstly, you must work your glutes hard – really hard until they scream at you! The exercise routine below will tell you what to do, but the secret is to keep chasing that muscle screaming sensation – that’s the signal for your body to strengthen and tone your buns. Remember, go for the BURN every time!

28 Day Butt Toning Routine made simple:

Always warm up with a gentle jog and some full range of movement mobility before beginning any Workout. Do each exercise slowly and with a full range of movement when possible. Each day has two exercises. Do the first, then the second. Repeat three times.

Week One:

Monday: 10 x Squats plus 20 x Scissor Kicks. Repeat x 3. 

Tuesday: 20 x Lying Side Leg Raises (each leg) plus 30 second Standing Butt Squeeze. Repeat x 3.

Wednesday: Glute and Hamstring Stretches for 15 minutes.

Thursday: 15 x Static Lunges (each leg) plus 60 second Superman. Repeat x 3.

Friday: Glute and Hamstring Stretches for 15 minutes.

Saturday: 20 minutes of stair climbing or steep uphill walking followed by 20 x Glute Bridge Hip Raises.

Sunday: 30 minute medium pace Jog followed by Glute and Hamstring Stretches for 15 minutes.

Week Two:

Same as Week One but increase repetitions by 5 and time by 15 seconds. For Lunges, try raising the rear leg off the ground on the first stair in your house and add weight by wearing a rucksack with 5 – 10kg inside.

Week Three:

Same again but increase repetitions by another 5 and time by 30 seconds. Add weight by wearing a rucksack with 10 – 15kg inside.

Week Four:

Same again but increase repetitions by another 5 and time by 60 seconds. Add weight by wearing a rucksack with 15 – 20kg inside.

How to do the exercises:

Squats: Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, with feet angled outwards somewhat.

Scissor Kicks: Stand with feet firmly planted. With a straight leg, lift until your leg is parallel to the ground. Now replace and do the same again with the other leg.

Lying Leg Side Raises: Lie on your side on the ground, resting on your forearm and elbow. Now raise your upper leg  as high as possible and hold for a 2 seconds. Change sides and repeat with your other leg.

Standing Butt Squeeze: Stand with feet firmly planted and close together. Hold onto something solid and squeeze your buns as hard as possible. If you’re not grimacing, you’re not squeezing hard enough!

Static Lunges: Take a big, big step forward. Plant your front foot firmly and allow the heel of your rear foot to rise as necessary. Keep your torso upright and lower yourself down until the knee of your rear leg is just an inch off the ground. Now come back up and repeat, but don’t change legs or feet position. You complete all reps with one leg forward and both feet planted, then change legs and complete all reps again. 

Superman: Kneel on all fours, with a flat back and slightly tightened tummy. Now lift your left leg and your right arm and hold out straight for a count of three. Squeeze your buns and tighten your tummy at the same time. Repeat, alternating arms and legs each time.

Glute Bridge Hip Raises: Lie with your back on the ground (or slightly raised on a Reebok Step) with your feet firmly planted and knees at 90 degrees. Hold a weight across your hips. Don’t be afraid to use a heavy weight – a rucksack is ideal – and now raise your hips upwards so that you are resting on your shoulder blades and feet, with hips raised high. Squeeze your buns as hard as possible! Hold for a count of 4 and repeat.

Eating Healthily to lose Body Fat: Check out our other BLOG Articles to learn more about this. Put simply, you must eat only vegetables, lean protein, olive oil, fruits and lots of water. No processed food please! No pies, cakes, buns, sweets, ready meals, takeaways – and reduce your alcohol intake too!

If you follow this advice properly, you’ll notice a huge difference in just 28 days!

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Captain Felix Deer joined the Army in 1985 and served in a number of Training Officer roles, qualifying as a Unit Fitness Officer in 1986. Since leaving the Army in 1994, Felix has sold property, built houses and flown airliners for a living, but has always maintained his keen interest in Fitness.

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